Two Bull Moose Forever Locked in Battle!

image Beginning September 19, 2015

Come visit the Bass Pro Shop in Hooksett, NH at 2 Commerce Drive on a long term loan arrangement. Come visit on September 19th to see Forever Locked outdoors on original ground level display.

"Forever Locked" is a life-size, museum-quality taxidermy exhibit depicting a rare, natural event that occurred near an early settlement known as Fowlertown, located in Gile State Forest, Springfield, NH. It portrays two bull moose that permanently locked antlers while dueling, causing their deaths.

The display is based off of an actual event where two bull moose fought in battle to the death. Back in 2003, Ray Deragon found the remains of the battle. Nature had taken its course, but the bulls' antlers remained and told the story of their incredible battle.

NH Locked Moose Antler Project

image The NH Locked Moose Antler Project Inc. was soon established to create the amazing display. The mission of the project was to create an educational wildlife exhibit that accurately captures this rare, but naturally occurring wildlife phenomenon.

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